The numbers-everywhere crochet pattern

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Numbers have such a profound importance in our lives, don't they? The day you got married, the day you held a new life in your hands, your favorite football players jersey number, your lucky number, your first house number, your better half's birthday and so many other numbers related memories and artifacts. 

Why not immortalize our favorite numbers as crochet items for ourselves and our loved ones, right? Here's the entire written pattern for blocks of all digits 0-9 which you can use to make so many creative projects, for example you can make :


  • a banner for a graduation party.
  • a banner for a birthday party.
  • a pillow with your wedding date engraved on it.
  • baby blanket with the baby's birthdate engraved on it.
  • sweater with your lucky number on the back or front or the sleeves.

The possibilities and project ideas are endless.

Pattern is created in the simplest form, easy enough for crochet-artists of any skill level including beginners to read an follow.

No complicated crochet jargon.
Detailed super-easy crochet pattern for all digits 0-9.

You only need to know how to make the single crochet and a bobble stitch in order to make these blocks - no other crochet stitches used in the entire pattern.

Check-out my YouTube video to watch me make this beautiful block :


 Here's a sneak-peak of one of the blocks :



Try out my pattern and let me know what you think, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email on should you have any feedback/thoughts/comments on my work.