I Love You Bookmarks Crochet Pattern

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So Valentines day is fast approaching and you feel like making something special for yourself or a loved one but don't have as much time to make a big gift? Oh and of course you want your gift to be useful - if you gift it to someone you want them to use it don't you else what is the point in putting in so much time and effort correct? I had the same thoughts making rounds in my creator head and this, my dear friends, is what came out of all the churning.


BONUS : if you are making this for a loved one - they are going to remember you every time they read a book - how cute and adorable is that????

Okay then let me list down the features of this cool bookmark in an easy-to-read format :

āœ… Quick project - gets done in a couple hours.
āœ… Can be done with any kind of yarn and a corresponding crochet hook - its recommended to avoid color changing/variegated/self-striping yarns for this project because the letters need to have a different color than the background else they will get camouflaged and not visible at all. Just use two solid contrasting colors and you will be all set.
āœ… You can very well use the yarn lying in your stash - just need a little bit of solid colored yarn.
āœ… Since its a small project it doesn't take up much yarn.
āœ… You can play around with the colors and use the same pattern to make different shades and versions of the bookmark - one each for every kid in your family or even for adults.
āœ… Pattern is written in a very easy-to-read format - in fact I have used both the block/table format and the written format so you can use whichever you are comfortable with - see the images for samples of both these formats.
āœ… You can literally make this the day before valentines and you will have a very special handmade gift for your loved one - and that too a gift they will use and cherish forever.
āœ… If you are someone who has been thinking of trying out a graph pattern but hesitant to take up a large project - this will be the perfect testing project for you - it will get you comfortable with the color changing part of a graph project and you will also have a useful item in the process.
āœ… If you want to check out a video tutorial of this pattern I have it on my YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMsECmV2XP_9jiDeH0H8ulks_SDDjdOMw

Hope you like this project and let me know if you have any questions - you can drop me an email at yarnoculous@gmail.com.

Happy Crocheting šŸ’—šŸ’—šŸ’—šŸ’—