Crochet hexagon baby blanket pattern.

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✅ Very simple crochet pattern - absolutely suitable for beginners.
✅ Entire blanket is made up of repetitions so you will not have to struggle with the pattern once you get into the flow and you can easily remember the stitch counts.
✅ Perfect project for Netflix-and-chill time.
✅ Detailed instructions provided for customizing length and width of the blanket.
✅ Use the same pattern to make a receiving blanket or a tummy time throw or even bigger queen and king size adult blankets.
✅ Just 3 basic crochet stitches used in the entire blanket.
✅ Use any kind of yarn and a corresponding crochet hook you have available with you for this project.
✅ Lots of opportunity to customize the look of this blanket and make it your very own cozy snuggly wrap-around.

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