The crochet-as-you-go alphabets baby blanket pattern!

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Crochet-as-you-go abc pattern is a beginner-friendly simple crochet pattern which is designed to give the finished object a block look without having to crochet blocks and then join. You don't need to cut the yarn and weave the ends anywhere in the pattern except for the very end - that is something I have zero motivation for and will do anything to avoid weaving in the ends or at least minimizing them.

This pattern works up in one go and there is no sewing of blocks involved - wonderful isn't it?

The border look around every alphabet is achieved by changing colors and the whole afghan needs just two contrasting colors. Only the main color yarn will be carried over so there is less mess and less confusion.

The pattern has all the details and instructions you need to make this wonderful afghan and I have written the pattern in the form of a chart so all you need to do is follow the chart.

I have also included a graph of the entire pattern if that is easier for you to follow.

So you get both the graph as well as the chart with this pattern and both are easy-to-understand and follow.

It is a wonderful gift for your toddler niece/nephew/grandkids or your own kids and a very satisfying project for you. You will be so proud of yourself once you finish this project - I promise!!!

Entire pattern uses just single crochets and bobble stitch so you don't need any expert level crochet skills to make this project.

The finished size of my afghan came to 56 inch(length) x 27 inch (width) including the border. I would love you guys to try this out in beautiful colors and let me know how it turns out to be.

If you have any questions please email me at and I will answer right away.

Happy crocheting!!!