Diamond textured Baby Blanket Pattern.

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Diamonds! Diamonds and more Diamonds!
Who is not fascinated with diamonds so I decided to make some for myself and share with all of you. Of course I am talking about crochet diamonds - what did you expect??? 😎😎😎😎😎

Alright so for all of you lovely crochet artists out that I have a very fun pattern which ticks all the boxes for a watch-Netflix-while-I-create-something-awesome kind of project. Lets see

✅Easy, beginner level project.
✅Customizable size - can be made as big or as small as you wish.
✅Bunch of rows that need to be repeated.
✅No complicated stitches - only sc, bobble and hdc(optional) needed.
✅Can be done with any kind of yarn and a corresponding crochet hook.
✅Finished object looks better than any machine-made blanket.
✅Amazing texture.
✅Pattern has every small and big instruction in easy to read language.
✅No heavy crochet jargon used anywhere in the written pattern.
✅No prior knowledge of reading patterns needed to understand this one. (However it would help if you have basic crochet knowledge like how to make a single crochet, a slip knot etc.)

What more can you ask from a written crochet pattern?

So grab your supplies and join me in making this lovely blanket because I am for sure making more of these for all my nieces and nephews